We may not all be "cured" but we can all be healed. - Company Message

If you could lose your pain and heal your life in less than 6 sessions, 
would you?

First, what IS a life coach?  It's simple.  If you want to fix the past, see a therapist.  If you want to change your future, come see me.  Life coaching deals with the present and focuses on moving forward with clarity, purpose and intention.  We will get clear on where you are and where you want to be.  We will deal with the present and plan for your future.  We will set and reach meaningful goals.  We will create solutions together.

Problems with people and production?

Team members not working like a team?

Interpersonal relationship issues?

Problems at work?

Commitment issues?  

Are you struggling with abuse?

Tired of watching a loved one deal with addiction and repeat the cycle?

Pornography destroying your relationships, marriage & family life?

Watching someone you know ravaged by drug use?

General dissatisfaction with life?


Tired of seeing your child suffer as a result of divorce?

Suffering from loneliness that comes from being single or alone?  

Are you struggling with self esteem for one reason or another?  
Questioning your role in life? 

Blended family issues?  

Job insecurity?

Death of a loved one?

Life altering illness?

Stuck in a rut?



Unsure of your future?

Feeling hopeless?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then I can help you.  I have spent thousands of hours helping to heal others.  I have gleaned the best material from the most successful people and brought it all together to help you.  I have had many life changing sessions because I am able to discern the root of the problem and develop easy, sustainable and measurable solutions.  I have personal and extensive knowledge relating to many aspects of life including those listed above.  I will help you go from where you ARE to where you want to BE.  I have a cheery disposition and an ability to see meaning in life's lessons.  I am compassionate, relatable and wise.  I am a master at creating and maintaining relationships.  I am well educated, empathetic and passionate about helping you heal your life.  

I'm not interested in having you "sit on the couch" for the next year.  I want to help you change and do it now. The methods are powerful; the results immediate.  But don't take my word for it.

Prove it to yourself.  

We may not all be "cured" but we can all be healed.